RISE-ing To Your Potential

I think that it is fair to say that we all want to better ourselves in one way or another and what better way to do this than through education. Whether it be reading a book, learning a new skill or taking a course, education makes us better people. Knowledge is power after all!

We at Culina Group have teamed up with B-Skill and developed the RISE Programme, a bespoke series of courses available to all Culina Group staff members. RISE, which stands for Recognise, Inspire, Support and Empower, could not be named more appropriately for what we want to do for our staff. The RISE Programme is a suite of ‘work based’ professional development programmes and qualifications designed to help colleagues to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours to help them achieve their career aspirations and goals.

These courses and qualifications have since become an integral part of staff performance reviews and PDP’s (personal development plans). With all costs being funded by Culina Group this means that ‘students’ can focus on their studies and not have to worry about course fees.

So how does it work? Staff will discuss with their Manager the course that they are interested in undertaking that relates to their specific job role. An initial assessment is then carried out to confirm that the candidate is suitable for the chosen course. After this, they will have a meeting with the RISE Enrolment Team and meet with their Work Based Tutor to discuss the next steps in their development. Students will meet with tutors once a month as a minimum but also have access to web chat discussions and telephone conversations as and when required.


All of the programmes require 20% ‘off the job training’ which is pre-agreed with managers to assure that this does not affect everyday operations and all tutorials and assessments are completed on work premises. However, there is a requirement for some study to be completed in the applicant’s own time.

We currently have over 100 members of staff enrolled in the programme which is a great start since its inception in May 2017 and the first enrolment shortly after in August. One of the first staff members to sign up was Stewart Keay from our head office at Market Drayton. Stewart is studying the ‘Supply Chain Warehouse Operative’ course. When asked why he joined the programme Stewart said “I feel that the extra qualification would help me rise up within the company. Since starting the course I have more understanding of regulations, legislation, and customer service in a logistical context whilst gaining a more in depth knowledge into some areas of the Culina Logistics brand”.

Another of our early adopters is Grzegorz Krol, from our Great Bear Sheffield depot. Grzegorz has chosen to study the ‘Supply Chain Warehouse Operative’ course. When asked about his reasons for joining the programme Grzegorz said “I like to learn new things and I wanted to learn more about logistics. I think that the RISE Programme gives me more opportunity to achieve my goals, which are to gain a promotion and to be able to train others, maybe even on MHE”.

Discussing the benefits he has seen from the course so far Grzegorz added “The RISE programme is helping me with my English, by me doing my work at home, my English reading and writing has improved which has been noticed in the office. Colleagues have said that my paperwork is better and I have a better understanding of the English language. Also since I have enrolled in the RISE Programme my time management is improving and I am happy with the course overall“.


We have found that as staff progress through their chosen courses they discuss their experience of the RISE Programme with their colleagues. This, in turn, has inspired others to sign up to better their career possibilities and themselves.

One of these course advocates is Sara Morley, HR Administrator, also from Market Drayton. Sara has chosen to study Business Admin Level 4. Sara commented on her experiences of being on her course up to this point. “My tutor and the additional staff that I have met have been extremely friendly and have been very willing to help, whether it be issues with my coursework or in my day job“.

I have full support with the work that I am doing and I feel encouraged to push myself further during my meetings and to better my abilities. I believe that everyone should be motivated to join the RISE programme, as they have so many resources available to help with your work and as a whole are really great people I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their skill set”.

At Culina Group we believe in our staff and the future of their careers. We want our people to grow along with the company and to be fulfilled in their chosen roles. The RISE Programme is available to everyone within the business from all levels and position. If our staff wish to better themselves professionally we want to be able to provide them with as much support and resources as possible.

If you would like to find out more about the RISE Programme in partnership with B-Skill you can do so by visiting their website.

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