It’s not just a job – it’s an exciting career opportunity.

When you join Culina Group you are given more than a job; you are given an exciting chance to become the best version of yourself. You are given a fantastic opportunity to progress within our ever expanding organisation.

We care massively about Culina Group colleagues’ growth and wellbeing. We seek to continually deliver the best training support and solutions possible right across the UK.

For dynamic Culina Group colleagues and ambitious prospective members of our growing UK team we offer a huge and continually expanding range of ad hoc, short and long term training and development support solutions across all aspects of our business.

The Culina Group Learning and Development Team of expert professionals develop and implement a comprehensive mix of e-learning, online courses, In house courses, Mentoring schemes, Apprenticeships, and Management Training Programmes for colleagues at every level within the Group.

Wherever you are, whether you are working in Transport and Logistics, Warehouse Operations or Fulfilment, Management or Administration we have many options and opportunities for you to progress your career.

Our wide range of e-learning programmes offers learning opportunities on diverse subjects such as IT, Confidence Building, Employment Law, Accounting, Coaching, GDPR, Financial Strategy and various Microsoft courses which are all readily available to use. Whether it’s to learn something new or to touch up on any existing skills, e-learning will provide you with all the information you require.

Our Mentoring Schemes offer formal on-going support for Mentees to build towards their career aspirations. Mentors and mentees are paired up based on desired experience for a 12-month period.

Culina Group is committed to recruiting and developing the stars of tomorrow through our Apprentice Programmes which allows the opportunity to gain relevant qualifications while learning on the job.

Our 12 month LEAD (Leadership, Exploration, Ability, and Development) programmes for all management levels are bespoke to Culina Group.  LEAD 1 – Leading a Team – for First Tier Management, LEAD 2 – Leading Leaders – for Middle Management, and LEAD 3 – Leading a Business – for Senior Management.

At Culina Group every colleague receives a Personal Development Plan each year. Your Personal Development Plan allows you to discuss your individual development needs and how best Culina Group can help you to achieve your goals within the company.

In the last five years Culina Group has grown tenfold in size. We now offer huge opportunities for ambitious people to grow and progress.

We will provide encouragement and support to ensure that you fulfil your potential no matter where you are or what area of our business you work in.

If you give 100% whilst displaying a diligent and customer focused attitude, then the sky is the limit for you at Culina Group.

To discuss specific training solutions please contact your Learning and Development Advisor or to book on an internal Learning and Development Course please contact [email protected]

Like what you have read? Culina Group can get you where you want to be in your career. Join our winning team by visiting and begin your journey to the best possible you today.

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