How DID that get there? – Co-Packing

If I were to say the word ‘Co-Packing’ to you, you would be forgiven for thinking I was talking about the joint effort to get the suitcases ready for the annual family holiday. When in actual fact I would be talking about the 3rd party logistics process in which a co-packing company receives a product from a manufacturer (sometimes in its raw state) and then package it, or re-work the packaging. An oversimplification of Co-Packing would be ‘the operation of packing goods for redistribution’. But that’s merely scratching the surface.

Co-Packing is the process that allows companies to sell their goods in all manner of packaging. For example have you ever wondered who packs the mini cereal boxes into multi-packs, or who puts the chocolate into selection boxes for Christmas or how did that bottle of serum get in my promotional hair straightener box? Co-Packing, that’s how!

A good Co-Packing operation can add an awful lot of value to a manufacturer’s process and overall business. Like in Formula 1 or road cycling it’s the small margins that make all the difference. If you can make the service you provide or the way you provide it as efficient as possible for the manufacturer then everyone wins, it all adds up! The consumer gets a fantastic quality product, the manufacturer is happy with the ease of the process and the Co-Packing business is proud of the service they have given in-turn retaining the contract.

A good Co-Packing operation really is the jewel in the crown for any 3PL worth their salt. You know what they say ‘if you pack it, they will come’… OK so I may have made that bit up but in a way it’s true. If you can pack it well businesses will come to you.

From food to pharmaceuticals, from car parts to beauty products, “Co-Packing” is more common than you might realise. IPS (part of the Culina Group) is the largest “Co-Packer” in the UK, working with some of the best-known food brands to provide innovative Co-Packing, Co-Filling and Co-Manufacturing solutions.

With over 30 years’ experience, a national network of Co-Packing facilities committed staff and a flexible approach to business, IPS continues to lead the market.

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KEY – ‘Rough’ process of raw product process

1. A raw product (in this case sweets)is produced by manufacturer

2. It is collected by a 3rd party haulier

3. Product arrives at an IPS location

4. The sweets are unloaded

5. Sorted in to correct weights

6. Added to packaging

7. Packaging is sealed

8. Best before and other production information is added

9. Product is boxed

10. Boxes sealed

11. Boxes palletised and wrapped for transport

12. Pallets loaded on to 3rd party truck

13. Product transported to retailers central hub

14. Product is stored and divided into store allocation

15. Selected quantity is despatched

16. Product is delivered to chosen store and displayed

17. Product is purchased by consumer and enjoyed

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