Entire Culina Heavy Fleet at Euro 6 by March 2016

Culina will have its entire fleet of nearly 400 vehicles at Euro 6 standard by March 2016. Furthermore 10% of the Culina fleet will also be LNG fuelled. The current Culina fleet is a mix of the best vehicles on offer from leading marks.

“To absolutely minimise our on-going impact on the environment, Culina are looking at fuel economy, vehicle efficiency, and vehicle utilisation from many angles”, said Group Fleet Manager – Mark Matkin.

“We have made significant investments in developing an extremely aerodynamic fleet of units and trailers. Our Culina fleet runs on high specification (Goodyear “Fuel Max”) tyres that minimise rolling resistance and maximise fuel economy.”

“We have recently invested in new “Slipstream” fuel efficient aerodynamic rigid fleet. Urban short trailers are being utilised to optimise fleet usage, provide fleet flexibility, and minimise unnecessary mileage.”

“Another significant environmental investment we have made is in trailers. We now have 62 LST Trailers (Longer Semi Trailers) which can carry between 2 & 4 Pallets extra. We will now be taking trailers off the road and moving more goods per trailer”.

State of the art refrigerated curtain sider trailers have also been introduced to the Culina Fleet. These special trailers can deliver chilled goods and then collect ambient goods and vice versa, again minimising unnecessary fleet mileage and optimising fleet usage.

“We now have the greenest fleet available to Culina”, said Mark, “This is testimony to Culina’s commitment to environmental efficiency”.

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