Culina Logistics Provide 3 Million Meals For Charities

Culina Logistics has had a fantastic relationship with FareShare over the past 2 years. Together with the help of our amazingly generous clientele we have been able to donate enough surplus food to provide more than 3 million meals to over 1,800 charities across the UK.

Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare, said: “By working in partnership with their customers and partners Culina Logistics have reached the staggering milestone of diverting enough amazing food for 3 million meals. Culina use the phrase ‘sharing is caring’ and this is the best possible example of a business delivering a massive social difference.”

To celebrate this achievement we decided to have a commemorative Gray & Adams trailer livery produced to spread the word around the UK. The trailer will be based at the Culina Logistics head office in Market Drayton but will make its way around the whole Culina Group network, so keep your eyes peeled.

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