Creating A Successful Partnership

Mutual Symbiosis is when two organisms from different species co-exist in a relationship that benefits each individual through the activity of the other.

For example, in Africa, the Oxpecker Bird removes bloodsucking ticks from the hide of a Hippopotamus. Under the ocean, a Clown Fish will keep an Anemone clean from debris in exchange for protection. While on the banks of the Nile the Plover Bird will stand inside the open mouth of a crocodile in order to clean the reptile’s teeth. Better them than me! All of these relationships have been built by each species gaining the trust of the other over many hundreds, if not thousands of years.


This ‘behaviour’ is often mirrored in the business world, and can go by many names; co-operation, joint ventures, collaborations or partnerships to name but a few. Whether in the animal kingdom or the corporate jungle all of these ‘relationships’ boil down to the same thing, trust. The trust that both parties will benefit from the transaction. After all, you start a business to grow and make money so that you can evolve as a company. Not to let others ‘piggyback’ and grow from your success.

Before a potential partner is chosen a number of factors need to come into consideration, such as how will you benefit from this new partnership, what will your potential partner want in return and will it be detrimental in any way to your business? Once the answers to these questions have been determined, many talks follow with the checking of accounts and business models followed by more talks and meetings until all are in agreement that this is the right thing to do to grow each business.

Morgan McLernon started off as a logistics partner for the Culina Group company CML. This relationship existed and flourished over many years only solidifying the bond between the two companies. So much so that in the summer of 2017, Culina Group and Morgan McLernon embarked on a joint venture together. You could even call it a joint ‘adventure’. I apologise for the bad joke but that’s exactly what business partnerships / joint ventures can and should be, an adventure. You will experience highs and lows together, (hopefully more highs) but along the way, you’ll become more intuitive to each other’s business so that you are better equipped to help one another when required. While ultimately becoming stronger in your respective areas of expertise.

A truly successful partnership can be something to admire and be thankful for over many years (if not thousands if you’re a crocodile). Whether you’re an Oxpecker and a Hippo and or two businesses that complement each other, a partnership is a thing to be treasured.

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